10/10. Truly professional

The team was very professional and I would definitely recommend them 100%. No issues. Very Pleased.

by Yorkus Ionios

Amazing service

Loved it. They were very quick with any queries I had and were always very polite. I only dealt with 1 person at any time. Really great service.

by Jonathan

Son’s flat

We were going to AirBnb our son’s flat as he just finished University in London and were planning to do all the management etc ourselves, but found it too tedious and complicated. So, we decide to use ResiHut, which was recommended to us by one of his friends. They exceeded our expectations. We had no problems so far, no issues with tenants and no breakages so far. We will carry on to use them.

by Maria Petrov

Amazing service!

A friend of mine recommended ResiHut and I stayed in one of their homes when I came for a business trip. I have stayed in many AirBnb flats in the past and found this one to be exceptional. Not only was the flat immaculate, they were really friendly and helpful with questions. I was really impressed with them and will not hesitate to use them again.

by Jamal Ahmad

Exactly what my flat needed

I had to go away for a business trip 5 months and decided to list my flat with ResiHut.
The service was really easy and had no issues whatsoever. I was able to forget about the flat and just focus on my work. They did everything, vetted the tenants, answer all the questions, and basically made their stay an enjoyable one.
I had a minor issue once with the sink leakage during the time but it was dealt with immediately and we communicated very well between each other (I was only ever dealing with Julie).
What a hassle-free experience to AirBnb your property with these guys. It definitely exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to use AirBnb to maximise their rent while they go abroad or don’t want to deal with day to day running around involved with it.

by Sarah Markus