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What is Air bnb London?

Nowadays, the Air bnb London property management service is getting explored tremendously. It is the best marketing platform that connects the house-owners with the renters who needs a stay for a short period of time. Here, the interested house-owners can list their property details, interact with the people directly and if interested, can rent their place at their comfortable price. These property listings contain all kinds of rental place such as a single room, an entire home, etc.

The Growth of Air bnb London from the year 2015 to 2018

Well, Let’s have a study about the growth of this Airbnb Business from the year 2015 to 2018. When it’s about Air bnb London, we can say that there is a significant growth in this business from past few years. As per the statistics in 2015, there were 18,436 Air bnb listing in total whereas, in 2018, it is about 74,153 in total, which is comparatively four times greater.

In this listing, all type of rental places has been included i.e., a single room, an entire home and a shared room. At Airbnb, the most common type of listing is the listing of an entire home which is about 55% more than all other listings. The next listing is for single rooms that are about 44% (around 32,794 listing) and the last listing is for the shared rooms with about 1% (around 712 listing) respectively.

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Air bnb London- Growth in London borough

As we all know that the business of Airbnb in property management service has grown-up immensely from last few years. Here, we will have an insight into the growth of Air bnb London with respect to the nearby cities. In 2015, the neighbouring borough had a very a smaller number of listing like Bexley (listing as 5), barking and Dagenham (listing as 7), Harrow (listing as 15), and Barnet (listing as 65) whereas in 2018, all of these boroughs have raised immensely with the growing listing of starting from 200 up to 1300.

The statistic itself shows that there is a huge increase within the period of 3 years. Among all these cities, the cities Sutton and havering both do not have any listing in 2015, but have gone from no listing to more than 200 in the year 2018.

Efforts made by Airbnb host towards the growth of Airbnb management service

Well, when it’s about the growth of Airbnb management services the Air bnb hosting plays a very important role. Airbnb hosting is an optional career for any house-owner who wants to rent their place and make some extra money effortlessly.

When a house-owner opt for an Airbnb hosting career, will be provided with exclusive facilities such as insurance coverage, recovery of their damaged items, etc. Thus, to grab the attention of the guest these Air bnb hosts follows some simple techniques that play a vital role in the growth of the business.

Air bnb London | Resihut

Travel adapter: While travelling it’s quite natural to forget an adapter. Arranging an adaptor on hand can resolve the great tension of the guest.

Toiletries: It’s always good to have your toiletries fully stocked in case of an emergency.

Fresh Towels: When you provide freshly laundered towels to your guest, they may feel comfortable as being at home. It is always good to make use a white coloured pure cotton towel with good quality because you can bleach them if they get stained.

Fresh sheets: Ensure that all the garment like the towel, bedspread, etc. used for the guest are of pure cotton and with good quality. This can feel them comfortable.

Guest book: Provide the guests with the review book and encourage them to give their feedback.

Spare Kettle: Sometimes providing the guest with a second kettle can make them very feel appreciable as it means that you can equip your guests with their own tea and coffee station.

Snacks: offer your guest with a complimentary breakfast or snacks at the time of arrival can get you the best impression.

Local guidebooks and maps: It’s quite natural that your guest might not have a detailed idea about the near-by places to visit. Thus, can provide them with local guidebooks and maps.

Reusable Water bottles: After a long day of sightseeing and traveling, it is quite natural to get thirsty. In such case, buying water bottles every time can be too expensive. Providing your guest with a couple of reusable water bottles can give them great comfort

English phrasebook: Communication is a great problem when people want to visit near-by places during vacations. Provide them with an English phrasebook can help them understand the language and ease communication.

Books & Novels: After visiting different places the guest might feel to spend some time at home. To give them relaxation you can provide them with a collection of good book and novels.

From this above article, you would have got an idea that how Air bnb London has marked their name in the field of property management services. ResiHut is one of such a property management service provider who takes care of their host as well as clients.

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