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Make Decision – Airbnb Over Long-Lets!

Today, everybody desires for a satisfied and cool lifestyle. Thus, people don’t even hesitate to spend some extra cash over their comfort. This mindset of people has introduced the landlords to the option of Airbnb.

Before getting into details about the benefits of Airbnb over long-lets, it is essential to have some idea about this Airbnb service providers.

Generally, they are the property management service companies that manage the seasonal lets on behalf of the landlords or the property owners. Their services include meet and greet, cleaning, check-out, communication with guests and ad creations, etc.

On average, with Airbnb management services, the cost will be around 20% of the rate per night. On top of all this are the fixed fees that will be added to each reservation that covers the logistical costs. These fixed fees are usually passed on to the guests. Apart from this, the Airbnb services will work on your property and make efforts that can obtain you more amount per night on average with the increase in occupation rate. Thus, the concept of Airbnb has been finally accepted by the Landlord’s to rent their property for long-term stay as well as short term stay.

Airbnb is an exciting option that is making life easier for the landlords by increasing their revenues over their property. Even it reduces the wear and tear and also eliminating lengthy tenant disputes. Let’s explore more about these benefited concepts,

  • Making more money

In the United Kingdom, sometimes back the Landlords faced issues with their property rental, i.e.,

  1. Lower Housing Market: It’s a great pain for the landlords with revenue when the housing market is down.
  2. Drop-in Economic Level: The weakening economy is forcing the renters to leave the place towards their bread-and-butter and also for the high-end rental.

In the above cases, mostly the landlords either face a long-empty-periods with no revenue coming in, or they just go for some rental amount with a drastic drop in it.

But, in the recent period, the network of Airbnb has created an awareness among the Landlords that have made them gain more from their property with lesser wear and tear.

Apart from renting their properties, these Landlords are also open to join Airbnb as a part-time host. This provides them with a lot of additional benefits and scheme that they can enjoy and avail with addition to their rental income.

Airbnb-Over-Long-Lets!-Grab-the-Benefits | ResihutThe Airbnb option has allowed the Airbnb hosts to report an average occupancy of around 75% to 85%, including the summer period with as huge occupancy as 95%.

The Landlords select these Airbnb guests, so they can be sure that they are not the stereotypical backpackers or “party-fiends”, instead are the business professionals, families, and frequent travellers who seek the comfort of home instead of a hotel stay.

Even the Airbnb helps the property owners to sell their property. For instance, in these cases, the property owner could make every Monday unavailable on Airbnb, as on that day they can allow their agents to show prospective buyers around the property while keeping the rest of the days open for Airbnb guest bookings.

  • Get Paid for Damages

Mostly, in the case of Long-lets – the tenant ends their lease and leave the property without paying out for the damages that they have made in the home. To recover that damage, later the Landlord have to run behind the tenant and residential authority to claim the deposit, that often eat-up months.

But, when it is about the Airbnb services, your property is immediately checked over after every single guest.

Even if there is damage, Airbnb Resolution centre is the simple, quick and easy way to claim for the damages made by the guests. To do that you must provide them with the following,

  1. Submit the pictures of claimed property
  2. Give them your guests opinion

Depending upon this, the Airbnb will make the final decision. Airbnb sees to it that the entire process is fair and transparent for the host as well as for the guests. Mostly, these cases are resolved within a weeks-time with a reasonable claim amount.

  • Letting your home at your comfort

Letting your property for years is most welcomed, but this may cause pain and make you blank – if your friends and relatives arrived suddenly.

This will not be the case when you are with Airbnb; here you can block your calendar to guests just at the touch of a button. Even if needed can cancel the reservation – but, beware of having a valid reason with a small penalty, as this might have an effect on your property business in future.

These above points are the benefits of Airbnb over Long-lets. With this, the article concludes that it is good to be with Airbnb management services providers to rent your property instead of going for long-lets tenants.

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