Easy and Elegant Ways to Make Your Guest Fall in Love with Your Property

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Tips to Grab Your Guest’s Attention

Happy guest for your property is something like a cherry on the cake, Yes! It’s a happy moment for every host.

To make this happen, you do not have to struggle but, simply a few small touches of love and care towards them can make your guests feel their importance. You can begin this with a pleasant welcome note with sweets and flowers, followed by serving them tasty and authentic complimentary breakfast or lunch, etc.

These are the simple but essential tips that can create a lot of difference. Even can make them experience the care that you have for them, this can eventually lead to better guest reviews and also raise the demand of your property in the future.

Let’s explore this with simple techniques that you can opt to win the heart of your guests and have them enjoy their stay at your property.

  • Welcome your guest with a welcome basket

Offering your guests with the love of a good freebie welcome basket, you instantly create a great impression. You don’t even need to have a lot in your welcome basket, instead can have a snacks packet, a little bottle of body wash with a personalised welcome note. This itself is enough to show that you’ve taken some extra initiative to make them happy.

  • Provide a beverage station

When your guests arrive at your property after long travelling, it is quite natural for them to look for some access to a comforting cup of their favourite hot drink. Therefore, if you have set up a beverage station to help them feel welcome and get refreshed with tea, coffee mug, etc., would grab their attention and give them the feel of a personal touch.

  • Providing a phone charger station

Today, the phone has become an essential part of our daily living. So, it is better and even appreciable if we have made a charger station available at your rental property. Well, it is not that difficult to build a DIY charger station around a plug socket as this can make your guests to charge up their phones and other devices. This can make your guest feel much great.

  • Sample Jar

Always providing the same used tea or coffee jar will not work out. Instead, if you provide your guests with some miniature product samples like a jar with a note inviting them to help themselves. This can make them feels special and also will show your generosity towards them.

Guests Fall in love with your property | Resihut

  • Make the WIFI password easy to find

As the internet is something that has become an important part of our lives, it is good to make them available to your guests before they ask for it. Thus, you can make your properties wifi password easily visible to your guests. Even sometimes you can provide the picture frame to display your wifi details – this can make them appreciate your added convenience.

  • Provide a welcome guide in your property

There are very fewer chances that your guests are aware of the surrounding places to visit near your location. So, if you provide them with a welcome guide, it will be very helpful for them to have some idea about the place. You can make this welcome guide more interesting by adding or suggesting some of your favourite local haunts with their speciality. This can make them more convenient with the place.

  • Spare adapter

When we are excited about a trip with family and friends, it is very common that we might forget to bring our adapter with us. Anyways this will almost spoil our mood as we have had to buy a brand-new plug adapter. Well, these things can also happen to your guests.

So, to make them comfortable in such a situation, you can arrange for one or two universal adapters in the flat for them. Your this approach can make them happy and will make them think about revisiting your place, not for your property but for your care and comfort.

  • Provide them with good novels and Newsletters

We cannot pretend the climate; sometimes it might be either cloudy or sunny. If in case, there is some issue with the climatic conditions, your guests might think to spend their time at your flat. In such cases, to help them to escape from getting bored, you can provide them with interesting novels, magazines and newsletters.

Even can provide the kids with some indoor games such as carom board, chess, etc. to make them convenient at your place.

  • Provide them with water bottles

While travelling, it is not possible to buy water bottles everywhere because that itself will eat up most of the money. This itself can make your guests pissed-off.

To make them comfortable with the situation, you can provide them with two to three water bottles, which they can fill and take while travelling. This can make them feel comfortable.

Well, by utilising the above simple tips, you can grab the attention and interest of your guests. This can automatically have a good influence on your property review and also make your guests think off revisiting your place in future. Even the care and love that you show with these inexpensive measures can raise your future business.

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