Our Services

Hassle-Free Host Management

We will run everything for you! You will not have to worry about a thing. Our highly skilled team will create a property listing for you and market it across numerous channels, including our very own premium booking system. Our team will boost your property’s online visibility to maximise your income so that you are completely satisfied.

Interior Design Service

We will provide a full consultation before creating the listing to see if you wish to undertake any design changes or improvements to your home. Our team is a highly professional one with years of experience in the interior design market and will work around your needs to provide your vision of your own home.

Professional Photography

Our professional photographs will attract more views and therefore more turnover for you. Our photographers have years of experience in real estate and will capture your property from the perfect angles to cater for your needs.

Daily Price Development

We have a dedicated team who use a pricing algorithm to optimise all of your properties to maximise your yield and ensure the occupancy rate is at its peak. We review all the market data daily as well as using all of our dedicated local knowledge to optimise our pricing algorithm.

24/7 Guest Contact and Approval

From the initial contact, we provide a 24/7 communications channel to all the guests. We approve them via various verification checks to make sure your home is in good hands and our 24/7 support assists them if they have any needs. We pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide, not only for the host but for the guest!

Professional Housekeeping

We have a team of professional housekeepers who will clean your home flawlessly every time a guest vacates. Our team have years of training in various hotels and we will ensure the flat is perfect for incoming guests. We will also monitor and restock any replenishments needed between each booking.

5-Star Quality Linen, Laundry & Toiletries

We will ensure that all guests have premium quality duvet covers, crisp linen sheets and soft towels to ensure the guests’ stay have that added feeling of luxury.