Traveler’s Guide: Why House Rentals Are Perfect for Your Trip?

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House Rentals— A Perfect Getaway for Every Traveler

House rentals are gaining popularity, not just for family vacations at the beach or beautiful city, but also among solo travellers and business travellers. House rental is an easy way to get more bang for your money— it will always yield more space at a lower price than a hotel room.

If you want to experience the next abroad trip like a local, a rental can assist you to do just that. And, if you are looking to make a dream into reality, renting could be your opportunity to explore what it feels like to live in South Kensington or near Hyde Park in London.

With a lot of properties to choose from, honeymooners longing for exotic luxury, baby boomers looking for extended stays, and weekend travellers looking for a haven house are catching on the trend.

Even vacation rentals are great for destination weddings. If you are getting married far from home or want to get married in London, you can choose a vacation rental. Getting the best apartments in London can help you keep costs down.

By having guests share a vacation home (or several) instead of paying for a large unit of hotel rooms. And, after all the guests have gone home, a rental villa of your own can be a secluded, romantic place for your honeymoon!

Tips: Choosing the Perfect House Rentals for Your Trip

Whether to choose hotels or house rental is confusion for everyone. There are some factors to consider when selecting the most suitable accommodation for your trip. We have shared some considerations to help you choose the perfect accommodation for your perfect holiday trip.


Size, location and duration of your stay can significantly vary the cost. The most significant benefit of getting a home rental for your vacation is, unlike a hotel, you get an entire house or apartment!

Whether you are looking for a two bedroom terraced house, studio flat, or house with private garden, you can be assured to get a bang on the deal. Like a hotel, there are some of the best apartments offering customer-oriented services like a 24-hour reception room, room-keeping services, and concierge to attend your needs.

ResiHut, a professional home rental management, have a team of professional housekeepers to clean the property flawlessly every time a guest vacates. They ensure the property is perfect for incoming guests, and carefully clean every corner of property between bookings. Every guest on returning expects to have a flawless experience of cleanliness and tidiness.


The reason why most hotels and resorts are costly is that they are conveniently located in the city, close to top attractions or conveniences. But today many house rentals take pride themselves on the basis that their location is suitable for travellers— right in the middle of the city. Choosing the best apartment with accessibility to local transport or tube station can serve you a better choice.

You can choose the property according to your preference, trip intention and need. If you are someone who loves bustling city lights, it might be great just sitting back and enjoying the natural lights and views in the sky when on holiday.

House Rentals | Resihut


The rates of house rentals are more flexible— be it monthly, weekly or nightly. Majority of vacation rentals give good discounts for guests staying for a week or a month. Whereas, in hotels, the costs per night can increase during certain peak seasons and time.

If you are on a business trip or family trip and stay at a place for more than a week, the cost per night at a serviced apartment can turn out to be cheaper than a hotel. Staying at home rentals for an extended period also allows you to live like a local, get familiar with the city and neighbourhood, and explore local sights.

Company – Friends or Family or Business Trip?

The kind of company can significantly determine the kind of trip you have and the kind of accommodation you would want to stay at. Whether you are travelling alone for a business trip, with friends for a weekend holiday or with family for an extended vacation, house rental is a great option. The deciding factor pivots mostly on the requirements and conditions of the company you have while on your trip.

If you are on a trip your friends or family, a private home rental makes for a more perfect choice than a hotel. You can get property according to your preference and need; two-bedroom two bathroom apartment, double bedroom in the ground floor, or flat with en suite bathroom, or whatever. It is more spacious and gives guests a sense of closeness with their closed ones and an opportunity to connect even more over a home-cooked meal!

Moreover, if you have kids travelling you, vacation rentals tend to be the better choice. Vacation rentals are homes, places where your kids get to space to roam and play around. The benefit of choosing a house or vacation rental is that you can pick the type of vacation home most suited for your kids.


What is a ‘must-have’ for you while on a trip? A swimming pool? A private garden? A spacious living room? Internet connectivity? A fitted kitchen? A washing machine and dryer? Master bedroom with bathtub? Detached houses?

Vacation rentals provide ample of amenities to guests and travellers. Since they are usually privately-owned homes and apartments, they are equipped with basic needs. There are some rentals with their private garden, swimming pool, or gym. So, ensure to check their description and pictures when looking for a flat to rent for your trip.

And if you are thinking that you will have to make beds or arrange toiletries, don’t worry. ResiHut keeps a tab on all the toiletries and supplies and looks after all the cleaning services of a home rental property. They even make beds to and does utmost cleanliness to ensure guests have a pleasant vacation at the property!


Last but not least— when looking for the best property to rent, consider the purpose of your trip. If you are someone who likes adventures and always ready for exploring the new and living like locals, house rentals are more suitable for the journey. Staying in a private home or apartment lets you experience life as a local. You can also visit places less travelled and known by tourists.

Another thing to consider is whether you are going on a solo trip or family trip. House rentals are best suited for large groups of people and family trips. On top of the multiple rooms and spacious living area, vacation homes give families privacy and comfort. As big families are sure to get noisy, they don’t have to think about the noise level as compared to staying in a hotel room.

House Rentals or Hotels?

It is all about your priorities and your needs. If you are looking for something more economical and travelling with your family or a group of people, house rentals can be a better option. You should consider the intention of your trip and the surrounding locality to ensure that your trip will be an enjoyable and safe one!

You will get more privacy, more space and more saving when choosing a house rental over a hotel. Many apartments have fitted kitchen and private garden. If your property is part of a condo complex or larger resort, you might also enjoy privileges like tennis, golf and concierge service.

Vacation rentals are a practical, economical option for families and large groups who would otherwise have to pay for more hotel rooms. Sharing an apartment enables you to foray a compromise between privacy and togetherness. You can cook and enjoy family meals together in the fitted kitchen, and you will also have enough space for everyone to come and go as they please. Parents will be grateful for not having to get the kids dressed to go down to a hotel restaurant for breakfast— in your own kitchen, PJ’s are completely acceptable!

House Rentals— What You Get?

More space to relax and get comfortable! A house rental can be as big or small as you would like. You get to choose! Enjoy the solitude and privacy of your own space!   Depending on the type of house or vacation rental you rent, it may include a private garden, a hot tub, swimming pool, private balcony/patio, etc.

Exclusivity- From modern city apartments to castles to tree houses, the diversity of accommodations is never-ending.

Privacy- Renting an apartment or house means freedom and privacy from having to contend with hotel staff—or anyone else, for that matter.

Comfort- House rentals offer many of the amenities you are used to at home, including more living room space to relax.

Kitchen- Probably you don’t need it. But there are apartments with fitted kitchen to let you invite new friends over for maybe a cup of coffee, or dinner!

Value- House rentals can offer great value for the money. For example, you can get a house rental to accommodate a large group for much less than a hotel.

ResiHut— Innovating Hospitality

With a personal service dedicated to our hosts and guests, ResiHut has grown to become London’s leading short let and Airbnb property manager. From listing creation to daily price development, interior design, guest communication, professional cleaning & laundry service, maintenance, professional photography, and much more. We aim to help property owners turn their investments into a lucrative source of income by using technology to bring the custom of hospitality to the short-let market.

Whether you are looking to let out your apartment while you are on a month-long trip, or you have an unused flat in the city; we are pleased to offer topnotch home rental management solution designed to acclimatize to all kinds of needs. Get in touch with our experts for more information about our professional home rental management services.

Our service offerings are designed to make sure corporate tenants and guests experience exceptional service, every time. Our amazing staff, guest greeters, and our cleaning service providers help to make that happen.

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